The Galaxy Interactive Team

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We're nothing without the people that make us. Galaxy Interactive is comprised of a group of people with a passion for creating fantastic worlds that spawn from the depths of our own dreams. We often take members and interns under our wing that are here long enough to kickstart their careers by developing content for their portfolios, and we are very proud to support their dreams and help them reach their goals. It's the entire concept we have built our family on.  Then there are the core members that have found a long term home in our small development group. But regardless of which category a member falls, everyone's contributions are highly valued at Galaxy Interactive, and every voice counts. Below are some of the key members that help keep the machine running.

The Triad

The Galaxy Interactive Team

John Waynick

Founder, Art Director, Environment Artist
The Galaxy Interactive Team

Joseph Marin

Co-Founder, Programmer, Writer, VFX Artist
The Galaxy Interactive Team

Joseph Wilhems

Co-Founder, Game Designer