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About Galaxy Interactive | Galaxy Interactive

About Galaxy Interactive


We’re a collective of designers, developers, and futurists. Some have went as far as to claim that we’re actually technologically advanced artificial intelligence from a thousand years in the future. We beg to argue on that one, but we’re flattered that you think so. We’re actually just a bunch of tech geeks that like to experiment with the latest in technology.


We have a wide array of things that we do. We specialize in interactive software and multimedia development. We’re actively involved in internal game development, striving to create exciting worlds with gameplay that keeps you coming back for more.


We are great at we do and we love it. We aren’t just in this for the money, though money is also good, we’re in this for our love of development and technology. We don’t do things half-way, unless the project involves making something half-way, and even then we pour our souls into what we do and sweat into doing it. We are Galaxy Interactive, and we are development, geek, and tech, lovers.


We’re not just a team, we are an internationl effort pulled together and connected by our love of development and technology. Spread apart by miles, but not by goals. We are capable of communicating and developing in various languages. Don’t worry, we don’t plan on ruling the entire world, at least not yet.